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2016 is about to end and cybercriminals are also ready with their intelligent digital tools and tricks to hack into digital environment if you miss the security by a little margin. Hackers are proactively ready to take on the new devices and technologies for making money. All of you have witness a huge number of online extortion in this year and all this going to grow significantly. Hackers always find a way to breach into the realm of cybersecurity.  Over the years, the threat landscape has changed and hacker/intruders are able of find the loopholes and vulnerabilities in the system and devices.


Security agencies are trying to accurately evaluate and assess how cyber threats will continue to evolve in year 2017. Cyber security organizations are trying to develop and design smart technologies that can survive this exponential growth of ransomware in particular. The new malware families may not sustain in the year 2017, but hackers and cybercriminals will always find a way to exploit new devices, network, and IT infrastructures to take the existing and new threats to the upper level.  It may be possible that hackers start and continue ransomware functions to branch off into other devices like desktops, mobile, smart devices and PoS systems. As corporate extortion is a favored attack method among cybercriminals, companies may experience a significant growth.

To perform such extortion, cybercriminals often use Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams to deviate and lure unsuspecting employees to perform transactions of corporate funds. It is expected that 2017 will experience a rise in Business Process Compromise attacks as a result corporate systems will infiltrated to alter financial transactions. Due to such attacks and similar to these along with other types of attacks, enterprises will require more stringent data review processes as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) may not be there always to help you. Most of the popular brands will be targeted and their vulnerabilities will be exploited. Threat actors will use the less secure smart devices and IoT working in an industry to control the entire industrial environment for using in distributed denial-of-services (DDoS) attacks.

Target attacks will not only the method of performing cybercrimes in 2017. Hackers will also use cyberproaganda. They may circulate false news and use the power of social media to viral that because their intentions are not just making money rather they will be focusing on the impact that fake news may carry as it will drive Internet traffic to smear content in particular. Although there is no rule of thumb to defeat cyber threats, but there are few ways to stop them from being happened and grab the hold.  To guard against attacks in 2017, enterprises need plan and go beyond the level that only focusing on creating a “culture of security”. To stay secure and make others secure, there is need to train people and employees.

Machine learning may be proved a very beneficial way as its design includes multiple layers of protection to battle both known and unknown threats.  This model allows a machine to analyze network traffic to determine if the files are malicious or safe. Considering the possibility of DDoS attacks, IoT devices need be secured before getting access to the Internet. To stay secure at an individual level, awareness about the types of attacks threats will be really helpful in providing you the protection against cyber challenges. Educate your employees, kids, friends, and known ones in areas such as social engineering techniques and tell them to stay updated on the latest scam techniques and hacks. In combination to awareness and training, reliable security software will serve your purpose of detecting and defending against existing and new threats.

 Improved and informed cybersecurity habits are the simple formula to have a safer digital life. It is upon us how we handle the situations when it comes to safeguarding ourselves. Start implementing concrete security throughout your network and business as maintaining the strong security culture is in your hands.


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