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Disorganized desktop may irritate the users a lot without It may create more frustration by slowing down the speed of the PC which intern effect the security aspect of the same system. It may hang your system, stop any running application, unable to execute any user command, etc. So if your desktop is muddled, declutter it regularly to avoid such problems.

So below some reasons are given why your computer shows clutters and ways to remove clutters from your computer and make it clean:

Messy Desktop

There are may be many reasons why a computer accumulate clutters and start causing issues. One of such reasons may be that you have stored a huge amount of data like e-books, videos, etc. So if you want to reduce it such problems delete some the e-books that are not usable. This may improve performance of your computer. If you create more and more shortcuts keys for apps and files, this also cause problems. It creates obstructions while finding the perfect data. To fix this issue, delete some apps, videos, songs, and other useless files saved on your desktop.

Delete all unwanted software setups that are not in use or you have upgraded the version then delete the setup of the previous version. There are many files that get activated as soon as you turn on your computer so detect and delete them. To detect such programs, click right button of mouse at taskbar and pick the option task manager. It will show a list of all the running programs that are working unnecessarily. Keep the space of your Recycle bin clear because all those files which are sent in the Recycle bin consume space of hard drive.

Do not install and two or more antivirus programs simultaneously because it will slow down the speed of the machine. Uninstall all applications and software that are not being used for long. To uninstall them, click on the Start button, select the control panel from and options and then choose the option add and remove folder. By selecting the particular applications, you can remove or uninstall them. and clicking on the remove button. If you don’t know which files you need to delete, explore the Internet and delete the useless ones.


Remove all the files that you find corrupt and contain virus. To find those files, perform the scan function on your PC at regular intervals.


Clean your hard drive. To do so, open the Start menu, select the option All programs, then choose accessories then click on the software tools and after that click on the “Disk cleanup” button. This step will help you in cleaning system error logs, Internet files, and other files. Keep all the programs updated, save photos on the cloud, arrange all the applications, documents, videos, songs, files, etc. organize in well manner at different locations on your computer.

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