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Today mobile phones have been smart and now they are the full touchpad operating devices. You can use the touchscreen to control almost everything, but still some functionality remains limited to hardware keys. All the smartphones feature a power/lock key, volume rockers and a few of them also even come with hardware home, back and multitask buttons. If any of these keys do not execute your command, it is not working; there is a solution for you. Here is solution detailed how one can control Android device if any hardware button is not working:


Button Savior is a very useful app for Android device (also works for non-rooted devices) that opens up screen buttons for hardware keys like, lock button, home, back, volume rockers, and multitasking. In this way it allows you to even set custom shortcuts. It functions almost like iPhone’s assistive touch, means the app can be accessed from any app or screen because it hovers at the corner of the screen.  So, let’s have a look how to set up Button Savior:

  1. First go to the Google Play store and install the Button Savior (Non Root) app. After the app is installed on your Android device, you need to enable the app. Tap on the “Setup” -> Settings-> Accessibility.
  2. Once you are done, a little icon like an arrow sign will be visible at the right edge of the display. For different actions, just tap on the icon to get the buttons and for more buttons, tap on the three dot icon.
  3. For adding custom actions, tap twice on the three-dot button and then on the double square icon. Then, you will see multiple plus buttons, click on one to add custom icons. Ten you can also perform different actions like quick settings, open webpage, show notifications and more.

Lock your device from the screen

You can use the Button Savior app to lock your device if your lock button isn’t working, but for that firstly you need enable it. To enable it, head over to “Advanced” tab in the app. Here, tap on the “Enable Screen Lock “option and then “Activate” for giving the app administrator status. Once you are done with that, you will be able to lock your phone using the lock icon of Button Savior sidebar. In case you want to uninstall the app, first you need to disable the lock option.

Along with the option locking your Android device, the Button Savior app includes multiple other features. Let’s check out them:

It allows you to change the theme of the on-screen buttons, sidebar’s position, orientation, customize the icons, buttons, and much more. Moreover, it also allows controlling the behavior of features, buttons and icons, for instance, you can hide them, enable a trigger mode, and more. Along with that it also has the ability to set the number of buttons in sidebar and reorder buttons, etc. (only available in Pro versions the app). For rooted Android devices, the app is also available in a separate root version that packs in much more control and options.

Unlock your device through the proximity sensor

The Button Savior app allows you to lock your device from the screen, but there is no way to unlock your phone. To unlock your device, there is an app called DTSO. This app allows locking or unlocking your Android device just by shaking your device or tapping on the proximity sensor. Proximity sensor is located beside the front facing camera on the top bezel of devices. Now let’s see how you can set up the DTSO app:

  1. When you open DTSO app for the first time, there will be two options – “Unlock” and “Lock” options. Select either of the two options and after that you need to grant the app administrator rights. Tap on the option “Activate“ to grant the app administrator rights.
  2. Now you will see the information about how you can uninstall the app. Press “Ok“ button after reading it. Then, again go to the “Unlock” option there you will find three options to unlock: proximity shake, and unlock to unlock and volume button unlock.
  3. To set up the number of taps to unlock the device, just enable “Proximity unlock” and tap on “Options”.

You can simply use the DTSO app, if you don’t want other virtual buttons that Button Savior offers, but if  you are just looking for an app to lock & unlock your device without the hardware power/lock button DTSO is enough.

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