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With Windows 10 Creators Update Insider Preview build 14997, Microsoft has added an option to reduce or turn off blue light to reduce eye strain or lower the risk of disrupting your sleep. To make it easier to sleep at night Windows shows warmer colors with the blue light reduction option enabled.

Technical Support for Windows 10

Technical Support for Windows 10

Reduce Blue Light in Windows 10

Though there are many third party programs to adjust color temperature / blue light or set the computer’s display adapt to the time of day. They can change the color temperature according to the time of the day. They calculate sunset time and change the mode automatically as time progresses according to your geographic location.

Now Windows 10 has included the blue light filtering capability built-in that you can use for enabling or disabling Blue Light reduction setting via the Action Center Quick Action button.

  1. Open Action Center by pressing Windows + A keys or by clicking the Action Center icon
  2. If Quick action buttons is in collaped mode, click Expand to show all quick action
  3. Enable the “Blue light” toggle switch
  4. Open Settings by pressing Window + I keys to configure Blue Light options
  5. Click System, Display
  6. Enable the option “Lower blue light automatically”

Enabling the Lower blue light automatically will be with its default settings.

  1. To customize or configure blue light filtering options, click “Blue light settings” to open Blue light setting page.
  2. In the Blue light setting page, you can adjust the slider to change the “Color temperature at night” setting. You can also schedule this option by setting the hours and enabling “Lower blue light automatically” accordingly.

Microsoft has done this because researches have shown and proved that the blue light emitted by your electronic device screens lowers secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin which can be detrimental to health. Ultimately, it disrupts sleep. So this feature has been added and recommended for reducing your blue-light exposure before bed.

Microsoft has added that the native blue light filtering feature in the Windows 10 Creators Update if you want to customize the settings of your Windows 10. If you need experts help to enable this feature and change the blue light setting on your Windows 10 machine, call the expert technicians of PCTECH24.COM to get Support for Windows 10.


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