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Emails are by far the most targeted networks, which are being used for spreading the malware and using as the main route for data leakage. So you need to safeguard your email accounts from the prying eyes in today’s challenging environments. There are some simple methods are listed to protect these crucial belongings and the resources your email includes to:


Fend off data leakage

Emails are used for communication purpose and scammers to take undue advantage of this source of communication. It has been witnessed in the last few years that they use email as one of the main resource of data stealing and leakage. Often hackers steal and alter credit card numbers, confidential medical information, and social security numbers. To stay safe, implement a policy which ensures that your data will not be shared and sent out without your verification. Your confidential information should not be dispatched to anyone either on purpose or inadvertently. Plus, you also need to focus on particular keywords used by snoopers related to confidential data. Find out if such keywords are embedded in the email, subject line, address, and attachments.

Distinct passwords

Usually users don’t pay attention towards this aspect and they create easy to remember passwords. Easy to remember passwords are easy to crack for the hackers. To be safe, it’s a better approach to create complex passwords and don’t use one for all accounts. Keep on changing them frequently and don’t share them with others. Keep your account login till the time you’re working on them because a bit of your leniency can be a hint for the hackers to crack your safe accounts passwords as well.

Control infections via filtering and monitoring

Every organization knows that their statics, strategic approaches, product, financial, client, and unreleased product data are the most precious resources and such information can bring a huge loss if purloined. Many of the users believe that only outside hackers are a real threat, but they don’t know that inside challenges can be more dangerous and insidious. Often users don’t know what is causing the actual problem with their personal as well as professional email accounts. Email content monitoring is a way to keep you and your organization aloof by blocking or filtering out inappropriate messages.

Stop spam in its tracks

Spam is a huge pinprick, and a cyclopean security problem. It’s because more than 3% of spam mails pass over the malware and infections. They waste your data, time and money and keep you more vulnerable to the attack.

Eradicate malware and Occlude breaches

Malwares are increasing in numbers and getting more vicious. Your online identity and digital life is at risk all the time, as in every second multiple new viruses are emerging and hitting various computers. Now it’s not enough to beat back the exploits which already, exists, but also make yourself protected from zero-day exploits. For true protection and block breaches, you need multiple anti-malware engines. As hackers are making email attacks to support espionage, including corporate espionage in more organized than ever, and professional manner which is unidentifiable to most of the users and companies.

Compliance and education

Compliance is good discipline for good security and data leakage protection. Many financial and health care corporations fall under compliance regulations. But in some cases compliance rules may carry serious consequences too, so you need to be really attentive to discard the reasons and chances of any mistake. It is better to educate or train yourself to resist hackers. An uneducated user will create and leave more vulnerabilities as scammers and hackers know that untaught and unaware users are the weak link and they can be an easy target.

Resist phishing scams and Carry-out in-depth defense

Phishing and hacking attacks are very effective because of untrained users. When it’s not easy for sophisticated users, who can be taken in by a cleverly designed scheme then how can uneducated people stand such scams. Hackers may attack from every direction and in various different forms. The only way to stay safe, offer training and implement in-depth defense using anti-spam, antivirus and anti-malware, and content filtering, etc.  tools. Despite these practices, attackers can still be successful as they use social engineering to trick and trap users into sharing their details.

Madison is an expert tech writer and work for Computer Repair Service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with data recovery, virus removal and other software application issues. In this article she discusse about email security and their issues.


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