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Good news! The Start menu returns. Virtual desktops are there too. And, to cap it up, the Charms bar is there to stay. No idea, what Windows 10 will cost or when it will ship but we can be sure that Microsoft has tried to balance the needs of all users in terms of its touch, mouse and keyboard features.

Windows 10 At a Glance


If you use Windows 10 with a keyboard and mouse, Start menu is the default as also you may affix Live Tiles in multiple sizes on the right. Towards the left is the familiar list of affixed and recent applications, replete with jumping lists for files. There is a search box that you can always use to run commands as well as a power button for Windows restart / shutdown.

Snaps, apps and virtual desktops

Snapping improves upon Windows 8 in that if you have just one narrow window, you can have the second window taking up all the left space. Four apps can also be snapped, one in every corner. And if you don’t want to rearrange everything, Windows shows thumbnails of all open windows allowing you to pick up the one you want snapped!

Virtual desktops aren’t a new feature as such but in case of Windows 10, you can always find a subtle clue in the taskbar, viz. an app being open but not being in the current desktop is shown as underlined and not outlined in the taskbar as was the case previously. Clicking on its icon takes you straightaway to it, and along with it to the rest of that virtual desktop.


In spite of clamor for its removal among certain sections of the users, the Charms bar is still there in Windows 10. However, if you use the Windows-C keyboard shortcut, you might not get to see it!

Command prompt

The command prompt, which is just the other extreme of the Charms, can be used to run scripts and batch files; you retain the option to use familiar keyboard shortcuts to select a word/line at a time, or to copy-paste text.

Management and data containers

Management tools for upgrading PCs are a welcome feature along with certain other features such as data containers that shal go a long way towards helping businesses and management houses.

Internet Explorer

The full desktop version of Internet Explorer is the only version offered in the preview of Windows 10.


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