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Windows OS has been the choice of a large number of users for long because of its flexibilities and Features. With changed and modern interface Windows 10 has brought various user friendly features. It is most anticipated Windows OS. With this new version of Windows, Microsoft has focused on the all-in-one approach. Below a list of Windows 10 is enumerated:

Window 10 - Reinvention of Windows OS

Welcome Back Start Menu

Windows 10 has brought back your favorite Start menu with a comprehensive make-over in the user interface. Start Menu gives you the same flexibility to access the apps like before and a search bar. On the left side of your system screen you can see your Start Menu with those apps which are installed already.

Desktop Mode or Start Screen

Along with Windows 7 Start Menu, Windows 10 has Start Screen like Windows 8 as well. It is your choice in with which feature you’re more comfortable one or the other. But in Windows 10 Start Menu is enabled by-default so to enable Start Screen mode, you have to change the settings. To enable Start Screen, go to the Taskbar and Start Menu properties, click on the Start menu Tab, and unchecked the Start Menu option.

Virtual Desktops

Ultimately, Windows is available with virtual desktops. Now, whatever application you’ll open, it’ll restrict to that desktop only and if you’ll switch the application, you’ll move to the desktop of new applications. By clicking on multitasking button next to the search button and then the option to Add Desktop in the screen overlay, you can also add Desktop.

Universal Stop for Various Modern Apps

Attempts and mission of Microsoft are visible in Windows 10. Finally, they have done it to unify their variety of machines and their application. Now it’s easy for developers and home users to write, access and scale their database on multiple devices like phones and tablets. Now, Windows 10 is the one platform for all Microsoft products with multiple useful built-in apps.

Multiple Windows

Multiple windows is a very flexible feature to deal with multiple application simultaneously. It allows you to snap and stack more than one window easily. You can adjust your excitingly open window like you can give it full screen space, or snap it half the screen size or a quarter of the screen size. Once you’ll snap the window, other windows in the back will appear and now it’ll be easy for you to switch between them.


Like the Windows 7, Windows 10 also allows you to use Windows and Tab key in the same way you used to do in Windows 7. This feature is available with a new layout which allows you to see windows side by side and select the one you want to open or switch rather than panning through one by one.

Internet Explorer

Windows Explorer and its Home tab have been added to the ribbon once again in Windows 10 so that you can exchange your data easily comfortably over emails.

Command Prompt

Windows 10 has introduced the command prompt, which supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts. Since it’s not enabled by-default, so, to enable it, check the ‘Enable experimental console feature’ to open the Properties window under the Experimental tab.

Windows 10 is a great attempt and definitely a hit from Microsoft. It has adopted the traits of Windows 7 and Windows 8. It doesn’t not only look different but also work differently. It’s a complete OS for the Windows users.


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