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It is difficult, if say honestly impossible to recover the deleted data because in most of the cases users don’t delete the data. Rather the information about the storage space is removed. If you are thinking of taking the help of professionals then also it is a daunting task. Because a hard drive doesn’t know how to relocate the data. Before digging deep in the article, let’s know how the data gets stored on a hard drive and happens to the deleted files and why is it not possible to get back data. Since the information which helps to locate the data is not available so for the professionals also who are recovering the information it is very tedious job and they also can’t locate the important documents if the drive has been formatted.

recover data on a overwritten hard drive

Information is stored magnetically

Hard drives stores information magnetically which works like batteries, they have positive and negative poles, which represent 0’s and 1’s (binary codes for digital data read by the computers). The storage platters or units are made up of a ferromagnetic surface and segregates the codes into magnetic regions also known as domains. To represent 1 or 0 the magnetic domains are magnetized in one of the two directions.

Earlier the data was stored with either left or right magnetism which can be said parallel also means horizontally on the disk surface. It was longitudinal recording. And now it is recorded in perpendicular and vertical direction which is also known as perpendicular storage.

Why PC can’t find the files?

In case you have overwritten the data on hard drive, the expert of the domain can’t help you. It’s not the skills, it’s the limitations of the technology that an overwritten document can’t be retrieved back even if you’re ready to pay a handsome amount for that. Don’t get hassled and rush to the technicians because it’ll not bring the desired result for you.

What happens if the data is overwritten?

Your system can’t find the information if it has been overwritten with the stored data. The information is recorded in a sequential manner using a table on the PC. Instead of deleting data in the file, the system marks the locations where the file is saved as vacant. In this way it overwrites the existing information and now no one can even the experts can’t recover the files. The operating system superimposes new information on the old, essentially delete it.

If the data is really important either store it online to stay safe from loss. Because once the hard drive data is deleted and overwritten it can’t be recovered. If it is overwritten, then the system can’t restore the previous data as it can’t identify its location now.

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