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“I prefer antivirus accuracy more than its performance”. This type of language is very common to us. Perhaps it is the most common dilemma among tech people. However the choice of antivirus utility has so many criteria. One of them will be to value low performance impact higher than successful virus elimination.

If you want to choose antivirus products then you can follow the test results of AV-Test institute. They regularly rate the products which makes the selection decision easier.

Antivirus Performance“Oh! My god, the malware has attacked my PC”, “My bank account has been stolen” or “My data has been frozen”. These types of statements are very common as of today. It may be trojan attack or some other malwares but to fight them you need a reputed software. AV-Test researchers have conducted tests twice once in January and once in February to test the antivirus programs. They use two sets of threats, one that is widely prevalent threats and other the newest one.

Most of the products earn 6 out of 6, but three products stood out by blocking 100% of the malware in all four tests. They are: Norton, F-Secure, and Trend Micro. Microsoft’s Windows Defender has average result and is not included in the main sequence. We preferably concentrate on two focal point, one is don’t screw me up and other is don’t slow me down. It is the most significant matter for antivirus to prevent every possible malware from blocking the computer systems. It is essential that the antivirus quarantines all threats while allowing the users to access their favourite websites or other facilities. Time is most significant factor now a day. The performance of antivirus also depends on it.

Therefore, a real-world approach is adopted by the AV-Test Researchers. Measurement of time relating to the activities like visiting websites, downloading software, running and installation of programs and copying of data is very much essential for the researchers.

Thus it can be said that powerful protection is more important than minimal performance impact or vice versa. So, don’t choose a wrong product. Analyze the survey results and select your product. For more updates please subscribe to our newsletter.


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