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It is really a tough choice when we decide to buy a printer. We have to choose from so many wide varieties with innumerable features. So, it is better to follow some tips to avoid confusion.


  • Categorization of Printer– Our necessity is generally categorized by three useful ways
  • General or Special Purpose
  • Home or Office Use
  • Technology

Manufacturers are producing mainly two variety in the printers segment. They are:

  • General-purpose printers
  • Special-purpose printers

General-purpose printers may include mostly Inkjets used specifically as photo printers. These kind of printers is generally used to print the text, images and graphics as well. While these Special-purpose are dedicatedly used for digital image printing and label printing. They may include portable printers as well. However, 3D printers are of special case and we will rather discuss about the features of those two.

It is basically on us that how we can handle the printers. We may either use it for office purpose or for home purpose. Therefore, it is preferable to use multifunction printers (MFPs). In that case also one rule generally overrules the other.

In case of laser and Inkjet printers the most common technologies are overlapping each other. But, we have to remember that if we need higher-quality text, then of course the lasers will be our preference and if we need quality photo then Inkjets will be the preferable one.

  • Single-Function Printer or MFP? – The choice is simply on the basis of necessity. The additional capability has different meanings for different computers. For Photo printer it relates to the memory of storing hundreds of photos and for office printers it is all-in-one or AIO. Their functions may include the combinations of scanning, copying, and faxing from PC, standalone faxing, and scanning to e-mail. Automatic Document feeder (ADF) is another option for office printers.

However, some MFPs offer additional printing options, like a Web-enabled printers.

Besides the above, we have to look for other features also:

  • Color necessity
  • Size of printer
  • Connection Procedure
  • Level of Output Quality
  • Necessity of speed
  • Printing capacity
  • Costing Assessment

So, in case of connection in addition to USB port we may use Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi connection. Output quality and speed are very much important if we have a huge volume of documents. Therefore, when you are going to market to purchase a printer, keep remembering about these basic rules.


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