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Nowadays, we all are spending our valuable time on the Internet to complete important tasks. For all of us, the computer has no use if it doesn’t have an accurate Internet connection and fast and reliable web browser. If you think web browsing speed depends only on Internet connection speed, then you are completely wrong. Internet speed has a bigger effect, but the choice of web browser also affects the Internet surfing speed. If you are on Mac, then you should install a fast web browser! However, there is a list of top 10 Web Browser for Mac.

Top 10 Must Have Web Browsers for Your Mac

  1. Maxthon Web Browser

It is a full-featured web browser and has everything that you can expect. Maxthon has minimal, user friendly interface and offers lots of space for websites. More so, there is a full-screen option which gives you better web browsing experience! It has an innovative Cloud Push feature which enables you to push a browsed website to cloud account or to a certain device.

  1. OmniWeb Browser

It is a comprehensive web browser that will allow you to explore every website without any hassle or other compatibility issue. The browser comes with lots of extra features which are not offered by most of the mainstream browsers for Mac. It renders powerful security and various plug-ins which will really impress you.

  1. Flock Web Browser

It has an interface as Mozilla Firefox. With its social network toolbar, you can speedily share web pages, links with your friends and others on Twitter, Facebook as well as share photographs on Flicker. The bar also allows you to check what your friend shared as an integrated RSS reader!

  1. Camino Web Browser

Camino is another feature-packed web browser for Mac. This is Mac-only web browser comes with Mac-like user interface. There are few innovative and very powerful features like scrollable tab bars, annoyance blocker, which gives ability to block popup and flash.

  1. Apple Safari

It is an official browser from Apple which comes installed on your Mac. The Apple Safari browser is loved by almost every Mac user, because it has stylish interface and reliable browsing speed! Additional features such as Speed-dial, easy social sharing, RSS integration are cool features that convince every Mac user to install this web browser.

  1. RocketMelt

It is known for its powerful Facebook integration for technical users. You need to connect your Facebook account with RocketMelt, approves permission for its app and the browser will allow you to control every feature of Facebook.

  1. Torch Browser

Torch browser is the most popular web browser. The browser comes with advanced features like social sidebar, torrent support, video download, Torch music, emoji and lots of. These features make people love this browser. Besides, it supports all chrome extensions to endlessly.

  1. Opera

Indeed, Opera is fast and powerful web browser. Server-side compression technology loads web pages quicker in slow connection which considered as powerful feature.

  1. Google Chrome

It has intuitive like interface and supports thousands of innovative plugins. Chrome offers fast and reliable browsing, controlling options and much more. These few cool features being loved by millions of users.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

This comprehensive web browser blocks pop-ups and keep spyware at bay with a fast and open source web browser. Mozilla supports thousands of add-ons to improve its features endlessly. If some sites opening very slow and having some other compatibility issues, give Mozilla Firefox for Mac a try.

Bhumija is an expert tech writer and work for Computer Repair Service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software.


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