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There was much talk about deploying the solid-state drives (SSDs) inside the data units. But here we have an exciting news for you all! Here we will be talking about the data center storage. We have never imagined that so much option will open up in the form of:


Big data

The internet of things

Software-defined infrastructures

So, the way of doing business has taken a new look.

The demand of the new tools is serious storage performance. For that they are squeezing on existing spinning disk storage methods. Now the hard drive has to pave down the way in order to leverage these with the latest technology. We got some goody news for you! SSDs soon will be going to make heyday in the data center.


However, don’t take that any SSD will handle the matter. There is variation among SSDs. Flash is indeed fast, while client SSDs were designed for client use cases.

However, individuals are not running their computers day in and out 24×7, however a server have to do this. So, if ther is a requirement of constant shuffling of data across the I/O pipeline, then it is necessary to maintain a drive that’s designed and built specifically for data center workloads.

The main hurdle to the deployment is obviously the cost. It is necessary to get the most out of their investment and for that deployment of the right drive is necessary. The key behind the deployment is performance and endurance. To make the matter cost effective, the deployment should be done in the right way.

It is necessary to identify the levels of storage performance and for that a whole family of data center-ready SSDs is necessary. You have to make ensure that you are not spending on superfluous IOPS.

The most balanced approach offered by Intel is SSD DC S3500 Series. They can deliver read/write performance of up to 500/450 MB/s sequential and up to 75,000/11,500 IOPS. The drive can support up to 950TB written over its lifetime for the sake of endurance.

Particularly SSD was designed for embedded system like controlling the factory, sales for B2B databases and also for the static web content delivery. There are more SSDs are waiting for kick-off. But our preference is only for that which is only for ideal value-add candidates.

So, it can be said now, that SSDs is creating new history of the data center story and it is not only about performance but for lasting performance.

Bhumija is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software.


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