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AVG Support :Password is mandatory for the number of things these days like while using Email, ATM or any online transaction. Recalling all the passwords simultaneously is quiet a difficult task. Millions of people regularly access business resources such as banking, accountancy and email that require a combination password comprises of symbols, numbers and letters. The combination password or unique password can also be hacked by the hackers. Here, a biggest question that arises is how to secure your password.

AVG Virus Protection

AVG Virus Protection

AVG a specialist in developing antivirus claimed in a survey includes small-to-medium business clients in UK and US about offering excellent password protection policies and strategies. Below mentioned are those shocking yet interesting facts revealed during the survey:

  • Two-factor verification for the passwords is being used by the quarter of members.
  • Password management software is being used by 22% businesses.
  • It’s been believed by one-third of the businesses that their password should be ore protected.
  • It’s been believed by 72% workplace that they have kept their password into the safe place.
  • Almost 43% of the people knows the company passwords but don’t have the clause to keep these passwords personal into their contract.
  • With the help of web browser 51% of the employees saves their passwords.
  • An automated password generator uses to run their business when surveyed 19% people
  • President, MD and owner are accountable to handle company passwords in almost one-third of the businesses.
  • For different business work logins four out of ten people use similar passwords.
  • Almost 16% non-employees can access company passwords such as temps, freelancers and contractors.
  • Claimed by the 67% people that some of them know the companies passwords.
  • The term ransomware has been heard by 68% people.

Detailed discussion of the above answers for better understanding:

Password Management Software Tool

Small businesses help by using a tool allowing the user to secure various different accounts at a single place. AVG Single Sign-On allows the users to set a single login credentials for multiple of accounts.

Few Passwords

Small businesses with small domain does not require more passwords. Their business range comprises of email sign-in, network combines and linked services. But, the user is advised to keep them safe, create a unique password like a combination of caps, numbers and symbols and only the trusted ones can access those passwords. This way your business will be secured from hackers.

Logging in

There is no wrong to say that using one password for multiple services saves a lot of time, but simultaneously it weakens the access to your customers, business and leads to the loss or theft of data and identity. The business will ruin if this one password goes into the wrong hands. It is suggested to the employees that to guarantee the accountability create a different password and account for each employee.

Password Access

It has been revealed by IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence 2014 that 95% of security weaknesses includes human errors. Security attacks are successful when human is demoralized to trap companies employees to get the access of necessary information.

Confidential Passwords

Putting the confidentiality clause into the contract of the employee is optional, but similarly provides high-level of security to the business.

Passwords without Web Browser

It is convenient to tick on the web browser check box when it blinks with the option with remember password, but at the same time it generates risk. If any person will use your computer then he might have the access to those websites, or any of your account links. He can steal any information from it easily. Hence, next time think twice before clicking on the remember password option whereas click on the “Never for this site”.

To Manage Company Passwords MD is Accountable

To protect your business from theft or stealing information, then instead of others only MD should be accountable to use the password. This is specifically for small businesses who are in at tight place completely dependent on IT staff member. With the expansion of business the risk of also expands.

Company Passwords Accessed by Non-employees

Trust is the foundation of every relation, and trusting your colleagues is equally important. But there is a difference between in trusting a full time employee or part time. But sharing company’s password with the freelancers or non-employee staff does not make sense. If still it is necessary to provide the company password then it is better to offer them temporary password.


Ransomware is one of the biggest internet threat that decodes your system files and asks for payment within a limited time before encoding them. It targets both the important details as well as locks the system and does not allow the user to access web browser, applications other files.

What to do?

As a result, it has been assumed that cyber criminals are targeting small businesses and their customers & partners. AVG Support is for all of them who are facing hacking issues. Protect your password, make it unique and do not share it with any third-party. This way you can save yourself from hackers. Also, AVG Virus Protection can also be taken by the users. Apply sound policies and verified practices help you dealing from the cyber-attacks and protects your business from data loss.

Never misjudge the hackers when it comes to password generation and IT security. It is easy for them to steal the data from computer and will take advantage of your weakness until they are getting a chance to make money. Appropriate password policy and management tool maintains the privacy of your business, guard it properly.

PCTECH24 has become the leaders in offering AVG Support. AVG provides excellent security against cyber criminals and hackers thereby AVG Virus Protection software has become the first choice of the users. To get the immediate AVG Support, dial our AVG Phone Number 888-786-6301. Our AVG Customer Service team will attend you as soon as you reach to them.

Remember AVG Support Center is just a call away.


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