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Hanging of computer is a common problem which all of us face! Most of the times we lose our patience and tend to get angry and irritable, if we are unable to perform the work, which is interrupted due to  the malfunctioning of the computer. Here are a few easy tips for ready reference if you are struck in such a situation-


Multiple Open Programs

If you open many programs simultaneously your disk space is getting utilized more which is causing the CPU to perform inefficiently. And then, after a short while, chances are that your computer will hang. So it is advisable to run one program at a time.

Software issues

Outdated software will slower your computer every time you start or open it. Thus, if you encounter a problem every time you open a particular program, please ensure that you install the latest updates of that particular program.

OS issues

The operating system of your computer needs frequent mandatory updates which help to run the computer smoothly. Lack of automatic and scheduled updates will certainly add to your worries. So always install latest versions of OS or update to the latest OS for smooth functioning of the computer.

Driver issues

An outdated driver can also cause your computer to perform at deadly slow speed. Further, chances are that your one particular driver is resulting in slowing down of your computer. In order to check this, open the “Device Manager” and check that no “Other devices” are featured and no driver should have a red exclamation mark or red X symbol.

Heating issue

If the CPU in your computer or any other processors is getting excessive heated up or you hear the eerie sound, then it can adversely affect the functioning of the computer. Make sure the fan of your computer is rotating smoothly without any obstacle. For all other fans, make sure the BIOS is functioning without any errors by viewing the CMOS setup. Your processors can remain more efficient and cooler if you have dirt free surroundings, keeping gadgets in cool place, regular check-ups of fans and their speed, apply thermal paste etc.

Hardware issues

Your computer can also show errors or can slow down abruptly due to the addition of new hardware. Always check for device compatibility and make sure your OS supports the hardware installed. Also, it is advisable to remove any unused hardware’s or expansion cards like video cards, sound cards, so that your computer’s performance is enhanced.


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