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You can do so much on your Android smartphones from texting to your friends using chat applications, writing down the notes, clicking selfies with the camera, preparing for a board presentation, or much more tasks. You can do so much with your Android operating smartphones so it is a great idea to keep the track of what all mistakes you may be doing on your device.


These days, you may have received many advises from tech experts like how to improve your Android device’s performance, battery life, avoid threats, etc. However, do you know that every change may not be compatible to your devices and may do more harm than improvements? Here are some probable mistakes that you might be doing unintentionally on your Android smartphone:

Using Task Killers or Killing Apps Manually

Most of the users don’t know or don’t realize that killing apps through third-party task killer apps or using the recent apps button might be worsening for your Android device’s performance. In the recent versions of Android, these apps are not necessary, but because of the misconception, current version users also use these apps without knowing that Android has evolved a lot and now it can handle those tasks more efficiently which are running in the background.


In Android, it is important to note that idle sitting RAM is just wasting your resources. Means it is not useful if it 600 MB of free RAM with no background apps. Actually, it is worse than 200 MB of free RAM along with running apps in the background. It is because the RAM management is different in Android in comparison to Windows. When required, Android automatically kills less priority background apps to feed RAM.

So, in Android, always kill only those apps, which are misbehaving or draining too much battery and do not use various task killer apps on the Play Store. It will make sure that you will experience better performance of your Android device.

Using More Than One Security Applications

Your Android phone may not required antivirus app on your Android phone because it take a lot of resources on the phone and always work in the background. It drains considerable battery also. Google has already covered you against viruses or malware.


The fact is, if you are installing apps from Play Store and no third party apps are side-loaded on your device, Google has you covered against any malware or viruses. However, if you are suspicious about the by default safety provided to your device, use single antivirus app instead of multiple applications. Otherwise, you will face many complications because one antivirus app detects another as a potential threat.

Use a security app on your Android device definitely, if you are not using an antivirus app because it brings features like anti-theft, app permission manager, VPN, etc.

Side-loading Apps from Untrustworthy or Unknown Sources


If you do not have antivirus protection, and download, and install application from untrustworthy or unknown sites, you Android device may give you tough time. But if you do so, security protection is necessary because Android APK files can be easily tampered malicious codes can be injected to them. Once your device catches the infection, it can easily invade your privacy and you may be victim of identity theft. So, before installing any application, verify that you only install it from trusted sources.

No Rebooting


Rebooting your phone once in a while may be a good step. Some of the smartphone vendors have already introduced this as a new feature. Otherwise, the better option is schedule your phone to reboot automatically, at the time when you are go to sleep. This will clear up the entire mess holding on to your memory and give almost a fresh start to your device. It will be better that you reboot your phone once in a fortnight or every week.

Use of App Cleaners for Cache Clearing

It is a good practice that you use app cleaners occasionally, but it is important to limit the usage of such app cleaners. It is enough to use them once in a week to delete unnecessary photos and videos from the gallery and leftover-cached data from uninstalled apps. But don’t use these apps to clean app cache to release just a few extra MBs of data because it will leave you in more troubles if you delete some important cache data that makes an app to function.


For snappier performance, apps keep a local copy of frequently used data. For instance, social media applications caches data like the media shared to contacts and profile picture of contact is saved in the cache to make sure users don’t need to load it up every time if they open the app. So, to keep the apps snappy on your smartphone, stop deleting cache data and start rebuilding cache again if you have cleared it.

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