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Ray McEnaney frustrated with his QWERTY keyboard. It was not that type he actually wanted. Thus a new keyboard with new concept arrived in the market. It was inspired by Bee. Thus, named as BeeRaider.

Although many people preferred Dvorak, as it aims for minimization of the fatigues of the fingers. But Ray has some other thing in his mind. The main objective of BeeRaider is to make the learning curve too great and at the same time make the users proficient.

QWERTY keyboard

A flying bee is resembled by this keyboard. The keys are arranged in the two wings, radically centered. So, the Buzzy concept is here for your keyboard.

McEnaney thinks that as the layout is larger with keys centrally aligned, users will be less fatigue. The less used keys are placed farther away.

The most amazing fact is that you will be a proficient BeeRaider typist in less than 20 minutes. The secret is behind the key position and related mnemonic learning tools.

So, your worry time is over! Just practice the phrases instructed by it. Although at first it seemed a little weird, but it will be natural to you within a few minutes. Your fingers will easily find the needed letters and the alpha characters used by the keys often, grouped together to retain in your memory.

The Kristy Snyder, a renowned cognition and cognitive neuroscience researcher, of Vanderbilt university have conducted a survey regarding this. It was mostly found that typists making use of the Dvorak and the QWERTY layouts only thanks to our motor system. They can only identify half of the keys even if it is only for four hours or more than 15 years.

Thus, the popularity of BeeRaider goes upwards day by day. The BeeRaider users need not to have any intrinsic recollection of keys. It is a completely new way of working for them. Snyder has a preference for this new Buzzy keyboard, as it is better than QWERTY or Dvorak. Although key mapping is a bit difficult, but mobile users may try the BeeRaider’s Android app. It may seem a bit tricky at first, but very soon it will be easier to use.


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