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“Here comes the Mac! They are superior to Windows”. This type of statement is very common. But the scenario has changed as the magical immunity theme of Mac no longer exists as it is caught by several Windows malware tricks.

The user base of Mac OS X is dense as compared to Windows users. The bad guys usually explore the areas where the user base is more. They are always looking for chance to abuse the technology. Due to this reason, the Windows world is the place for them for making big slice of money even when the Mac has increased popularity graphs. These bad guys are targeting the segment of users possessing a false sense of security regarding Macs and browse the internet without proper security software.


So, if you are overconfident then there is a bad news for you. Cyber-criminals are getting smarter and have advanced from Windows to Mac malware. Malwares of Mac OS X types exist, although they initially look harmless and may have an extension of .ppa.pdf but it actually is fdp.app. Conversion from PDF to executable file may take place due to this alteration.

Criminals never spare the opportunity to use the tricks of flipping characters of Windows malware. Mac OS X is specifically targeted byRansomware. Sometimes internet browsing may demand ransom for getting back access of the encrypted files and sometimes it may be demanding to get rid of illegal contents on the computer. It is not worth ignoring these messages as they will not go. Completely killing the browser at once and making efforts to restart won’t help to stop the messages, as they will come back again and again. However, Safari has a rescue function of your computer. It has the feature of “restore from crash”, loading the URL that you visited recently. By using Safari you can reset the browser and clear history.

Don’t console yourself! Macs are not immune, use antivirus products in order to protect your computer. Gone are those days, when Mac users insisted that they won’t be affected. Apple has already removed this claim from their site a few years ago. So PC users check the list of antivirus products and get one to keep your browsing practice safe.


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