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Internet, since its start, has transformed a lot from costly service to pocket friendly one. Now it’s accessible by everyone with their mobile phones and a large number of people at homes, offices and open areas like cafes, metro stations are offered with Wi-Fi connection. With the low security in the Wi-Fi routers, it is possible that someone else could use the Wi-Fi connectivity and access other people details. Here in this blog by ESET Support team, we inform you how to identify if someone is spying your details via Wi-Fi connection.

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The steps to identify intruder on Wi-Fi Connection are:

Sluggish internet connection

Is the Wi-Fi connection showing abrupt signs? Is speed of internet been lowering down a lot from the last few days? Despite the fact there are other causes for a slow internet connection, including server issues, heavy usage, network-obstructing devices and walls, or it is possible that someone has entered inside your connection and taking benefit of it.

Identifying the intruder from the connected devices list

Every device connected to the private Wi-Fi network comes with an exclusive IP as well as MAC address and can be checked from the list of connected devices via the router settings. Hence, if any random name on the network comes up, you are unaware of, is possibly the intruder! Even if you don’t get a name, one can still access who the intruder is by verifying the number of connected devices and checking out the one that you don’t identify.

Tips to Safeguard a Wi-Fi network:

Set up a long and strong password

The very first step for a new router must be to change the default password and set a strong password for that. Use encryption protocol like WPA2. WPA2 is latest version and more protected than earlier protocols like WPA and WEP. As a user, you just have to set up WPA2 on the Wi-Fi router and secure it with a unique password. Pointless to say, place something long and complicated that you can recall and which cannot be predicted at all.

Modifying the router’s login details

The easiest technique used by the hackers to breach inside of the Wi-Fi routers is to insert ‘admin’ as router login details. Two IP addresses like or are used to access the Wi-Fi router. Most router use words ‘root’ and ‘admin’ for login and password. Once logged in, router’s settings can be accessed. Since logging in is quite simple knowing the password is quite simple, anyone can reach inside of the router settings. To stop this, change the router’s login details from something different than ‘admin’.

Mask SSID info of router

A more powerful way to protect the network is to mask the SSID info of the router. This make sure it doesn’t get easily become a connectable network. Manually all the address details are to be entered.

Using Security Software

Security software or Antivirus are very important for the safety of the computer device connected to the network. No matter how secure the network is, a security application like ESET Antivirus is very important. If in case any error comes, team of ESET Technical Support is ready to assist.

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