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Nobody can’t exactly estimate the overall loss of the company, if data is leaked or hacked. If your information is compromised, it can bring a huge data and monetary issues. It can keep your entire network and the business at risk and you can’t impose this to others or claim your loss. To tackle such breaches and stay safe, you may take some proactive measures to ward off cyber-intrusions, like:

data hacked

Through Encryption

data encryption

Encryption is a process of shielding data and it can protect your data even if it is breached. You can minimize the data leakage through encryption as it creates a defense layer on the sensitive information. This is also helpful to safeguard even less critical files, folders and other information. So it is a good habit of applying a protection layer on all of your information even if you’re sending it through email or any other messaging service.

Authorization & Authentication


Don’t let others to access your information. Make sure that every time only genuine person can get access or fetch your data even if you’re an individual user or running any business. Keep your things locked and don’t share secrete keys with those who are not supposed to use it. Identity and access management is one solution which can provide security to you. There are granular security controls to confirm that only authorized person can access the necessary files that they need to perform particular tasks and duties. Because if there is an open to all access, chances will increase that your data will leak.

By Making End User Aware about Security

The theory precaution is better than cure applies everywhere, even on digital life as well. If you are an unaware user or your employee uneducated employees, even all of the security controls can’t protect you and your a business from hacked, compromised, and misused. So you need to take care of it and train your employees if they are not aware of it to keep your protection always on. Educate them how to stay away from potential security threats, encourage them to keep their computer programs up-to-date.

Endpoint Defense

Endpoint security has become the need of time, with the increased use of mobile devices. To ensure that your endpoints remain secure, transmission and reception network and devices should be suitable, compatible and password protected. If your network is not encrypted, anyone can access your network and connect to your channel and access the information stored device on the device. Unauthorized users can use your data connection for hacking attempts which may trap you in serious legal mess.

By Vulnerability Evolution  

There are not only virtual vulnerabilities, but there may be physical also. Usually people backup their data on backup tape or hard drive and if it’s stolen it may create turmoil in the cyber realm. So to avoid and minimize potential threats, you need to deport vulnerability assessments regularly.
All these measures will alleviate the danger of data breach, but to cast it aside completely, Third party security applications are good choice. To protect your business, you may acquire data breach insurance, develop a robust recovery plan to safeguard your information, files and necessary folders to retaliate properly if any data breaches occurs. Make a deal or partnership with a managed service provider, so that they can help in challenging environment and educate you on security best practices.

Madison is an expert tech writer and work for Computer Repair Service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with data recovery, virus removal and other software application issues.


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