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Large email attachments take a lot of space in your Gmail inbox and take a lot of time to open. A large Inbox flooded with hundreds or even thousands of emails, will take a very long time if you start finding particular email messages in Gmail manually. There are many ways you can cut down the wastage of your time and take a few minutes of your time. You can sort your email messages in Gmail by the size of attached files. Below two easy methods are described for sorting email messages according to the size of the attached mails in your Gmail account.

The first step you need to take is sync Google docs with your Gmail account and then compute the size of each email you have in your account. If there will be files more than 1 MB in size, it will specify in the spreadsheet. Let’s see how you can get started:pick_your_trigger

Create a copy of the Gmail emails in the Google Sheet in your Google Drive

Under the Gmail menu, click Scan Mailbox option and authenticate the script to access your Gmail Inbox. It is an open-source Gmail Script which stays in your own Drive. Just relax till the time the script pulls the message list in the sheet. In case the process stops for any reason, click Scan Mailbox again to resume the scanning from the same where it left off.

Once the sheet has a list of all the heavy mails, you can arrange the sheet according to the Size column to find the big ones or may use the Filter option (the Funnel icon) to find messages which are within a specific range (5 MB < size < 10 MB). Click on the option “View” link of the corresponding message in Gmail to open their addresses, auto-forward the big email to another email address in bulk or use the option Save Emails add-on to download the heavy emails and attachments to your Google Drive.

If you get an error message that says “Service invoked too many times for one day” or “Exceeded maximum execution time”, you have to wait for some time before re-running the program. Google Apps Script puts these limits to prevent abuse.

Arrange Gmail Messages by Size with a trigger

You can also set up a time-driven trigger to let the script run automatically, if your Gmail mailbox is large, and you don’t want to do it manually. You can do even if you close the browser tab with the help of a running Google script in the background. Below the instructions are written how you can do that:

When the Google sheet is open, go to Tools -> Script Editor. On the next screen, Click on Resources -> Current Script Triggers.

Now click the option “Add a New Trigger,” change the Event from “Spreadsheet” to “Time Driven” and set a minute timer which triggers after every 10 minutes.

Save the trigger, authenticate the script if it asks to do so and then close the sheet.

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