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In the past few years, you all have witnessed that at what rate Android is evolving. Taking a Screenshot or recording a screencast is such example because earlier, Android required root access for capturing Screenshot or recording screencast. But now these feature are integrated by the manufacturers as a built-in feature or if they are not in-built, general users can use these features through 3rd party apps. Back then, Firewall access was such a feature that also needed root access, but with the advent of Android lollipop, it is the built-in VPN feature that you will get on any compatible device.


You might curious to know that why should you install firewall app on your device.  The simplest reason is that the firewall is required for giving control over the apps so that it can connect to the internet. Suppose you have a game that can be played offline, but it connects to the internet to just download ads and in this way, it waste your internet bandwidth for something that is not relevant for you. A firewall app allows you to disable internet access of such apps and gives more control over the bandwidth consumption on your device.

Where Firewall Access may be Prove Helpful

Suppose you on roaming and want to disable the Internet access of Facebook and WhatsApp’s, but at the same time you want that apps like Maps and Uber should be able to connect to the internet. You can do it through a firewall app. So, if there is an offline game that shows banner or video based ads that consume your Internet bandwidth, use the firewall app to cut the internet supply to the app. It will not only reduce the ads in the game, but also saves time and bandwidth.

There are many such apps that run in the background and eats up your cellular or Wi-Fi data. If you want to disable background internet access to such apps, you can use a firewall app. Because it allows you to choose to connect an app only using the Wi-Fi data or restricting data if you are using cellular network.

Now you know how important it is to get firewall access on an Android device, have a look at two of the best apps that will give you Firewall Access on Android.


It is a very good app that you can install on your device to get firewall access. When you tap on the app to open and enable it, it will ask you to grant access to a VPN connection created by it (NetGuard). Tap ok to complete the process and get a working firewall on your device.


Please note that these apps create virtual VPN connection and they do not transmit data to any external servers. These apps fulfills the basic feature of a firewall app. They create VPN connections to block traffic for particular apps.

In NetGuard, you will see all the apps in a list that are installed on your device along with a Wi-Fi and cellular data icon next to them. Ti disable internet access for any apps over cellular or Wi-Fi network, you just need to tap on the disable option to disable the particular protocol. Using the option by allowing traffic only when the screen in on, you can also disable background data for an app.

If you want to block the entire inbound and outbound traffic from your phone, go to settings and can change the default settings. Under Advanced options, you can also configure system apps, but be careful before fiddling with the system apps. Apart from that, as an advanced user, there are a few settings that may be configured, but keeping them as default would be best if you are not sure about them.

NoRoot Firewall

NoRoot Firewall is an another app to get the firewall feature that on your android. Like NetGuard , if it is installed on your Android, it will also establish a virtual VPN connection.


Important Note:  Do not install and activate more than one firewall app on the same Android device because an Android device can only support one VPN connection at a time.

As soon as an app seeks Internet access, this app disables internet access for all the apps on your device and show up them in the Pending Access list of the app. If you are an expert in networking, you can also see the port and IP of the app that is trying to connect. If you find that it is all good to allow the app to connect, tap on the Allow button otherwise choose the option Deny and protect your privacy.

In comparison to NetGuard, NoRoot Firewall gives more insight and allows more control over the Internet at the same time and it is far easy to work on. It is more easy to read logs and here Global Filters make more sense. On boot, you can also select to auto start the app to ensure that your protection is activated all the time.


The only limitation that one can face is, these apps need a virtual VPN connection to function. You will not be able to use these firewall apps if you need to connect through a VPN of your organization because these apps need only one VPN connection to function. Moreover, these apps will not be compatible with apps like Opera Max, AdAway, or any such app that need a virtual VPN to function.

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