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As data is increasing day by day, so every computer and mobile user will need more storage space to save the data. Today market is laden with many cloud storage services and OneDrive, Bitcasa, Copy, and Mega are a few of the popular and useful cloud storage services available for the computer and mobile users across the world. OneDrive by Microsoft is a very big name in the technology sector and other players are Copy come from Barracuda Networks, Mega come from the now defunct Megaupload, and Bitcasa by Bitcasa Inc. All these four products offer a decent amount of free cloud storage for Mac, Windows, and Android operating devices.

OneDrive offers 15 GB free cloud storage space, Mega gives away 50 GB of free cloud storage space, Bitcasa offers up to 20 GB free cloud space, and Copy too offers 15 GB free storage. You’ll get this storage amount associated with respective cloud storage service when you sign up for the service. If this much space is not enough for you, there are different ways to stretch the space for free on these storage services. Here some ways are given to avail more free space on OneDrive, Bitcasa, Copy, and Mega.



After analyzing the need of more storage space, Microsoft decided to increase the free cloud storage space on its OneDrive once year back. Now it offers 15 GB space, whereas earlier, it was 7 GB. But if you need more space than 15 GB, you may get 5 GB more by referring your friends.

Plus, if you can get 3 GB add on to this by enabling the camera roll back-up to save photos automatically.

Plus, if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you can get 1 TB (1024 GB) space for free on OneDrive cloud storage space.

And an extra 200 GB free OneDrive cloud storage space is offered to all Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 devices users and they can use it for free for two years. 



Bitcasa customers get up to 20 GB free cloud storage space. As Bitcasa also has a special alliance with Samsung so it offers additional cloud storage space for free with many Samsung devices.

If you’re a Samsung user and using Windows 8.1, you’ll get an extra 50 GB free cloud storage space by Bitcasa for two years.

Samsung’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets infinite free cloud storage from Bitcasa for three months and the Galaxy S5 gets extra 1TB free cloud storage for the same period of time.



You get 15 GB free cloud storage space as soon as you sign up for Copy Cloud Storage service. By referring friends, you can get more free cloud storage on Copy. On every referral, you earn an additional 5 GB cloud storage for free. The very amazing thing is this that in this way, you can rack up unlimited storage space as there is no limit.



Mega offers the most storage space by just signing up. It offers 50 GB free cloud storage. But it does not support any promotions or referral programs right now to extend its limit. So, there is no way to get additional free storage space on Mega cloud storage.


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