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Don’t you hate it when you need to quickly print something but you need to keep plugging in a pesky USB cable or your printer is packed away somewhere and you need to setup the connection before printing any document. In such situations it will be easy for you if you pick a wireless printer that allow remote access to the peripheral, enabling Windows 10 to print, scan, and without establishing any physical connection to the unit. This article explains how you can fix the issue if you are not able to connect your wireless printer, or set it as default printer, or   Windows can’t find your printer.

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to open Cortana

  • Type in “printer” in search field
  • Choose Printers & Scanners
  • Turn the printer on
  • Connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network

Refer to the manual to connect your printer because this process varies from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as printer to printer.

  • Click or tap Add a printer or scanner option
  • Choose the printer from the results
  • Click or tap Add device

Everything will be good to go now. This process will also work with wired printers. You just need to plug in the unit and follow the steps given above for connecting wireless printer.

Unable to find your printer

Sometimes, because of unknown reasons, Windows cannot locate your printer. If it happens with you also, you can easily rectify the issue. Try to connect the printer to Windows 10 computer manually. Follow the steps given below to connect your printer to Windows 10 computer.

  • Windows Key + Q to open Cortana
  • Type in “printer” in search field
  • Choose Printers & Scanners
  • Click or tap Add a printer or scanner
  • Select the printer that you want to add but not listed
  • Choose Add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discoverable printer
  • Select the connected printer

If you cannot see your printer, check that it’s switched on and both devices (the printer and Windows 10 PC) are on the same local network.

Changing the default printer

Windows try to set the default printer by choosing the one that was used most recently on the connected network. This is toggled on by default. It means Windows operating system can remember which printer to use while switching between networks. Every user may not need this functionality. If you don’t need it, you can turn it off by following the following steps.

  • Windows Key + Q to open Cortana
  • Type in “printer” in search field
  • Choose Printers & Scanners
  • Click or tap Add a printer or scanner
  • Turn off the option”Let Windows manage my default printer” off
  • Choose the printer you want to set as default from the list of devices
  • Choose Manage and click or tap Set as default

If you yourself cannot connect your Wireless HP printer to your computer, it is better to ask the experts for help in order to avoid any unwanted situation. To get support for HP printer, you can call PCTECH24.COM experts at any instant of the day.


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