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We all have an email id and we receive emails from different people on an everyday basis. And if you are a business professional then the number of emails you receive might increase many folds. In today’s world the business practically is run through emails. But it can be such a disappointment when you are trying to find a really important mail, and all you can find in abundance is spam mails. On the other hand your mail is marked as spam in the sender’s mail, and you are waiting for a revert. We would love an application that would help us in filtering our mail and reducing the spam mail in our virtual mail box.


But we should first understand that what is a spam mail? Spam emails are basically all the unwanted or the junk emails that you receive. They may contain links to various websites that might hassle the receiver and some might even be virus infected emails which can seriously hamper the working of your system. They could also be an email sent to various recipients. So you would not want the spam mails to hinder your day to day working.

Although laws of any country have legalized the sending of spam mails if the contents of the email adhere to the preset standards, but that cannot minimize the discomfort caused to the recipient.

Many mailing websites normally have a spam filter and many companies have designed their own spam filters. Spam filters go through the emails received by your account and it filters out the emails which do not meet its standard. For example the mail you received contained the message that was typed in capital letters or had phrases such as ″cash prize″, ″free gift″, such similar words will raise a red flag alert when such mails will enter your mailbox and the spam filters won’t let these mails get past them. But not all the spam filters work in the same manner. And hence a mail that will not pass a spam filter once might pass another spam filter.

Although the spam filter companies won’t give away their secrets of filtering spam as it would mean that the spammers would get their way around the spam filters and this will not be liked by the recipients, but yet there are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind while we draft a mail so that one of our own very important mail shouldn’t end up being in the spam folder.

So here are some points that you should definitely keep in mind:

  1. Try not sending the email to a large group of people all at once and try to break down your mail list as much as possible because large recipient list one of the safety standards set by the spam filters.
  2. Using an image is not a bad idea, in fact, in most cases it is the most efficient way to convey your message in the most simplified yet clear way possible but try not to make the email only about the image
  3. You could also reduce the chances of your mail ending up in the spam by sending a test mail. You can draft a mail and send it to various users of various domains and if your mail ends up in the junk folder of most of them, then you have got something to worry about.
  4. Also, you can enter the contact list of the recipients and hence you will have the surety that your mail always end up in their mailbox and not in their spam folder.

And besides these pointers, there are some general guidelines that could come handy like not using too many exclamation marks, or colored fonts, or using words like ″free gift″ and ″guaranteed winner″. And adhering to the above explained tips, you are rest assured that your mail will not end up in the junk mail folder.


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