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The research relating to antivirus around the world is gaining new popularities every day. The software programmers put their antivirus products through various strong tests. The antivirus testing labs upgrade themselves into a more sophisticated one, in order to prevent the latest version of malware attacks. The primary checking criteria of antivirus are –

  • The eligibility of products for detecting malware
  • Degree of measurement to clean up
  • The research findings
  • The after effect on system performance



However, these are not the only necessary things, we require. We also have to find out whether the research findings are relevant to our problems. The researchers at AV-Comparatives organisation released the result of what users consider important through their question based survey. The survey had following elements-

  • Demographic question, including primary browser and operating system
  • Choice regarding current security solution
  • Providing own composed security vendors list before users and asking them to select their primary choice

The new antivirus testing constitutes of some basic steps. First step consist of selecting at least 10-15 vendors whose products needs to be tested. After completing the information about the products, the next step will be how they should be tested. The survey might comprise of many different tests but the researchers would select only a few. Firewall, parental control and anti-phishing programs also go side by side. Only opting antivirus for protection may not be viable, when it comes to complete PC protection. User should also participate in survey & reviews for other types of security products also.

The most common scenario for getting review of antivirus product is the test results conducted by AV-Comparatives. Some of the most renowned antivirus test labs releasing regular public test results are AV-Test Institute, Dennis Technology labs, and ICSA Labs. The most common questions asked by these research labs are –

  • How do we choose our antivirus?
  • How the antivirus should interact with system?
  • What will be the expected price value?
  • How it can prevent from web attacks and its penetration level with system?

The research surveys always help us to select the best competitive antivirus product from the list of hundreds.


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