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You are worried about using Windows Vista and want to take solace in Windows7. Then we have news for you. In order to streamline the workflow, Windows 7 is here with loads of improvements in their features. We can customize our windows 7 according to our own choice, so that it will be easier for us to navigate and resulted in time saving.


Here are ten tips to help you:

Handy shortcuts to keyboard – You want to save your time while working with computer. The Windows 7 is here for you with some shortcuts to keyboard. The examples are-

Display or hide the Explorer preview pane:Alt-P

Zoom in:Windows Logo-+[plus sign]

Zoom out:Windows Logo– –[minus sign]

Maximize window:Windows Logo-↑[Up Arrow]

Minimize window:Windows Logo- ↓ [Down Arrow]

Snap to the left-hand side of the screen:Windows Logo- ← [Left Arrow]

Snap to the right-hand side of the screen:Windows Logo-→ [Right Arrow]

However, Wondows Logo is situated between Ctrl and Alt keys, left of the space bar.

Create keyboard shortcuts for programs– Here, is another facility for you by Windows7. You can create your own shortcut keys by using a Shortcut key text box of the Properties dialog. First, you have to put Alt+Ctrl and then you press the shortcut key. The standard procedure is this and then Esc, Enter, Tab, Spacebar, PrtScn, Shift, or Backspace keys cannot be used here.

Jump Lists– It is a new feature for instant access for the most often performed commands. The opening of recent files or performing any other program actions, any such commands can be considered under this. You have to just right click on the Start menu of the program or right click on the icon on the task bar. You can access the facility also by left click and drag the list open. We have to use the pushpin icon for instant access of the documents.

Clean up your Screen– to get rid from the numerous windows, then it is advisable to opt for Aero Shake. First click and hold the title bar of the window you want to remain open and then a quick shake will solve your problem.

Aero Peek– We can navigate a screen cluttered with windows by Aero Peek.

There are so many facilities are here for you by Windows 7 except the above. These are:

Search the Web from Your Desktop

Make Internet Explorer 8 Load Faster

Combine Taskbar Icons

Troubles associated with the Troubleshoot and the Document System.

Add Videos to Your Start Menu

So, enjoy your computer facility with Windows 7.


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