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If you own a printer, you may have come across the situation that while giving a print command, a warning message displays which says that your printer cartridge is empty or printer toner is low. It may be frustrating if you want to save money and cartridge impact on the environment by replenishing and reusing cartridges again. Warning messages are issued by the toner cartridge chip which monitors toner levels and then issues them. Before proceeding further, let’s know how the toner cartridge works:

The chip monitors how cartridge droplets are being utilized by the printer in a print run. It is programmed to count as per a pre-programmed count of droplets, means it measures the count of droplets the printer uses, which helps the chip to count printer level and to send warning messages to the printer in case printer levels are low.replacing_toner_cartridge_chip

It may be also possible that the toner cartridge misread the printer level and show a warning message even if cartridges still have enough toner in them for printing.  If you refill cartridge and don’t reset or replace the chip, warning notifications will continue to appear. Ant the printer may refuse to print a document because the toner chip informs the computer and does not recognize that there is fresh toner in the cartridge.

The remedy to this problem is, replace the used chip because this resets the counter. Replacing a toner chip is a better option because the cost of replacing original printer cartridges is high and you save some money if you refill a cartridge. It also helps in reducing the negative impact on the environment if a toner cartridge is reused. Cartridges are made up of brittle parts including base metals and plastics and their manufacturing cost to our environment if a cartridge is thrown away rather than being recycled.

Replacing the chip is a better and advantageous option because it allows the smooth reuse of refilled cartridges without showing annoying printer messages popping up on the computer display. As a result, it reduces the overall human impact on the environment. The process of replacing the toner chip and reusing refilling cartridges reduce hazardous landfills significantly.

Toner cartridge chips are affordable and you can buy a perfect match online as well for many types of printer can be purchased online. But make sure that you choose a toner chip manufacturer with a good reputation and known for quality and select a provider that is reliable for refilling processes. Certain chip manufacturers are excellent in their chip development processes and always try to push and reach consistently high standards.

Once you’ve cleaned and refilled the cartridge, imbed the chip slot on the back or bottom of the cartridge. If the chip covers have screws and remove them first and then replace the old toner chip with the new one. While replacing the toner chip be careful to align the circuitry correctly.

Madison is an expert tech writer and work for Computer Repair Service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware, printer repair service as well as software. In this article she discussed about benefits of replacing your toner cartridges chips. Keep reading their articles for new tips and tricks.


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