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Proxy servers are basically an intermediary between the user’s computer and the other computers on the net. The proxy server basically acts like a hub where the request from the user server is poured in and the desired data is then retrieved. This is mainly used to maintain the anonymity over the internet, or to dodge parental blocks.

Proxy servers are basically used to maintain your anonymity over the internet. It is a way to not let your IP address be known to the website and hence if somebody tries to track you down through over IP address, that wouldn’t be possible because your IP address is hidden behind the proxy server and hence it will be the proxy address that will show up during the search. The proxy server can be installed by the simply changing the setting of the internet browser that you are using by choosing the option of ′Use a proxy server for your LAN′.


The uses of proxy servers are varied, ranging from maintaining the anonymity of the user over the internet to bypassing the various restrictions set up for the use of a particular site through a particular IP address to speed up internet surfing. It can also be used to break the regional boundaries for the access to a particular website. Many times small business who has more than one computer, but only one internet connection also makes use of the proxy server in order to fulfill their demand of additional internet connection without actually having one.

In market you will find two kinds of proxy servers. First, the open proxy server which is available in abundance for all the users and the second, is a reverse proxy server where in the proxy server id is treated as the parent server. This second one is mainly opted by the firms and it leaves the client with no clue regarding, where did the request actually come from.

The use of proxy servers is basically to hide one’s identity so in case you are using a proxy server then you should be sure of the fact that the proxy server that you are using a genuine and secure one because the ultimate client may not know of your identity but the proxy server will know exactly what you are doing. Hence it is crucial to have assurance in regard to the security of the proxy server used. But there is another way to withhold your identity from a proxy server too, i.e. by using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) connection. In case you are a user of such connection you can hide your identity from the proxy server with ease.

Hence the security of the proxy server that you are going to use is of utmost importance because this is one place that would identify your real IP address.


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