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Windows 10 is coming back to the Start menu and it is more customizable than it ever has been before! Herein is a brief rundown of all the different ways in which you can customize Windows 10 easily.

Different Ways to Customize the Windows 10 menu

Resize the Start Menu

By moving your mouse to the top edge of the Start Menu, you can speedily resize the Start Menu. It will make the Start Menu larger if you have live tiles pinned.

Pin and Unpin Tiles

Through right-clicking on each one and choosing Unpin from Start, you can quickly pin and unpin tiles.

You can use the All Apps view to find it and even select Pin to start from there, if a tile is not actually pinned to the Start Menu. Apart from that, you can pin regular apps to the right hand side.

Resize Live Tiles

By right-clicking on the tiles, you can change the size of them. After that, selecting Resize and then picking a size.

The ‘Large’ is a little on the absurd size, but at least you have different choices.

Unluckily, the tiling is a little bit funky, so if you have an odd number of small tiles, then you can end up with blank space.

Turn Off Live Tile Updates

If all those blinking tiles end up irritating you then, just right-click on them and select ‘Turn live title off.’

Compared to the above example, you can see that the News tile is back to a button of the regular title.

Change the Start Menu Color (Taskbar)

By right-clicking any empty space and selecting Personalize, you can easily change the color of your Start Menu and Taskbar.

Now you will see a Color and Appearance dialog box, so then you can change the color to any ugly style, if you want. This one is not so wonderful!

Pin Items from the Left Side of the Start Menu

Here, you can pin applications to the left side of the Start Menu, but it is not intuitive, so that you need to drag and drop the shortcuts for the applications to the Start Menu. After that, you will see the ‘Pin to Start Menu’ which is your hint to drop it there.

After doing that, it should instantly pin that application to the left side of the Start Menu! Even more so, you can drag and drop the items up or down.

It is weird, so you can pin things to the left or right and you can only drag from left to right not from right to left.

If you want to remove anything, you need to right-click and select ‘Remove from this list’.

Adding Control Panel and Special Items to the Left-Side of the Menu

You can add some unique built-in shortcuts to the left side of the Start Menu, but you will need a settings screen. Right click anywhere on the white space and select properties.

Shift to the Start Menu tab, and then press the Customize button.

You will see the dialog box, where you can choose what special items you would like to pin to Start Menu.

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