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Isn’t it sound fantastic that you give a command to your digital device like laptop or smartphone and it follows your voice instructions. There are is such a feature in Windows 10 called Cortana that follow your voice commands and does plenty of surprising things for you. There are a few hidden tricks of Cortana and it is smarter than you think. It is much more than just your very own personal digital assistant. It sounds fantastic to have conversation your devices and get the things done. Many of you will be familiar with similar apps and having the idea what Cortana may do for you.


When you will use it, you will be very impressed with Cortana’s ability as she quickly learns about your interests and record the track of stuff that matters to you. Not only this, she is cleverer than that and below there is a glimpse of that smartness is demonstrated.

Let’s start with a few common questions and commands that you may toss to her:

You: Hi Cortana

Cortana: Hi (Your Name……..)

You: ‘Who are you?’

Cortana: ‘In short, I am your personal assistant. I try to make things easier to do on your phone.’

You: ‘Can you set an alarm tomorrow at 6.’

Cortana: ‘Your 96:00 AM alarm is now on.’

Till now the conversation is Straightforward, but you can ask anything to Cortana and keep the conversation going. Cortana understands context.

You: ‘How can I get home?’

Cortana will launch HERE Drive directing the directions to your home.

She’s also adeptable at location and mapping…

You: ‘Can you sing a song for me.’

Cortana: ‘I can sing this one: Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.’

You: ‘Cancel my scheduled alarm.’

Cortana: ‘Tap on the alarm you want to turn off.’

There are several of extras to experiment with beyond basic and contextual instructions.

You: ‘Tell me a joke.’

Cortana: ‘A ham sandwich walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food in here.”‘

She will pick a random joke.

You: ‘Which is better, Siri or Cortana?’

Cortana: ‘Not to brag, but apparently I’m going to help save the universe in about 500 years.’

You: ‘Can you explain love?’

Cortana: ‘It’s on my to-do list of emotions. I’m still working through serenity and apprehension.’

You: ‘Open the pod bay doors’

Cortana: ‘I’m sorry, your name….. I’m afraid I can’t do that.’

You: ‘can you explain how do you look like?’

Cortana: ‘Some things I resemble: a hula hoop, a donut… a halo.’

You: ‘Can you suggest me the best smart phone?”

Cortana: ‘Oh, come on, chief. Windows Phone.’

You: ‘Which is better search engine between Google or Bing?

Cortana: ‘Bing bing bing! We have a winner!’

You: Tell me the reason why should I buy this phone?’

Cortana: ‘Reason number 47: it is not all about productivity, it is about fun, too.’

Cortana is currently available on Windows Phone 8.1 developer’s preview and Windows 10 computer. This is just a hint how Cortana will respond. You may receive different answer for the same question if asked more than once and often you will receive a different reply for a few of the less-serious questions.

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