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Every computer users have to face the same problem these days. Despite of the fact that you have your computer protection, but full protection can never be guaranteed, in the world of Internet.

However, there may be several reasons for the hardware problems. These can be discussed as follows-

  • Hardware faults
  • Electricity interruptions and failures
  • Overheating
  • Attack by hackers
  • Viruses and other malicious programs

Now, the biggest problem is how to overcome hardware faults. Although the PCs have certain lifespan, the hard disk is the significant part of any computer. This is the most sensitive part of the computer and its rotating disc has the ability of a thousand cycles per min. Since drives are like old records, they are very sensitive and while spanning in a magnetic vaccum it will be greatly damaged by sudden blows. Losing of data is a great threat and steps should be taken to avoid these.

Hardware IssuesThe next biggest problem is electricity interruptions and failures. We can lose data if special protection is not taken against sudden power failures and sudden changes in voltage. You should be cautious against grounding problems and static electricity. Since the sensitivity can be increased in many folds while hardware is connected or disconnected, therefore precaution should be taken against it.

Overheating is another problem that may shorten the life of computers. There may be several reasons behind it. But we should be aware of two factors. The first one is cheap and unconscious selection of computers and the next one is lack of cooling elements. Attention should be given to these factors as overloading may cause temporary or permanent damages.

The most threatening factor may be the attack from hackers. You are using the internet and browsing. Hackers are generally prone to damage these types of exposed computers. The hardware may not be damaged, but the loss of data is imminent.

Viruses are the biggest concern for any PC users and they can cause damage to the computers. However, slow internet connection may be due to these viruses. Beware of spams! They may cause irreparable damage to computers as it is almost impossible to restore the deleted data.

Howevwe user errors and errors in the software or the operating system may the biggest concerns besides the above. In this respect useful measures should be taken to overcome the problems. These are-

  • Installation of over current protector
  • Unplug the computer when installing new hardware and ground yourself
  • Protection against computer viruses and attacks as per recommendation
  • Installation of up to date softwares synchronizes with the motherboard
  • Turning off the computers as per rules and regulations

These precautions should be taken to overcome the hardware problems and also it is necessary not to keep the computers unnecessarily switched on. Please subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.


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