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Just bought a new, sleek, and stylish Mac Book; yes. Can’t wait to plug in your devices and get started with it; yes. But you just realized that the Mac Book has only one USB Type-C port; yes. And you are in a fix that it what should you now do; yes. Well, don’t worry; nonda′s hub+ has come to your rescue.

Available on the kichstaters.com, nonda′s hub+ is just the thing you need to get going with your new and stylish Mac Book. It has got all the ports that you could possibly need, USB-C ports, 1 SDXC card reader, 1 mini Display Port (mDP 1.2 video output, 4k displays at 60Hz refresh rate), 3 USB-A 3.0 \ charging ports.


The features of the hub+ are just something you can’t ignore. It has got 2 USB-C ports and 3 USB-A ports that also help in charging your phone and your laptop simultaneously. Also, to help you charge your phone on the go, it has got an inbuilt battery made of lithium ion to help you with that. And it has also got an SDXC card reader port too. What else could you wish for? It’s small, sleek and easily concealable design only adds to the benefit of hub+. Imagine you carrying around a bulky multiport device; I am sure you would think twice before buying it. But the sleek design solves that problem too, and it goes really well with the design of your iPhone too. It is a definite win-win situation for you. And not just the sleek design, but the aluminum body also gives it strength and durability. Trust me, there could not be a better device for your Mac Book.

Plus, they have got all sorts of offers to offer you like if you pledge with them for $1 they would give you an update on their new technologies and new products, if you pledge with them for $79 then they would provide you with on hub+ and adapter at a discounted rate and if you pledge with them for $2499 then they would give you a gold platted hub+ and an adapter too. They also provide shipment in any part of the world. They have already reached their goal target of pledge worth $35,000 and they are soon going to close talking any more pledges so hurry up before it’s too late. And if you are thinking about the warranty they are given, a warranty for 12 months and an additional 6months warranty for the kick starter backer. What else do you need?

Well, this hub+ is worth the price because where else would you get so many facilities in one multiport device and for such a great price.

Bhumija is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software.


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