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Every computing machine may not allow you to render 3D graphic cards 3D rendering software programs are very much resource hogging and if the computer’s specifications are not good enough, it will not be able to process the user input and will turn itself off. In such scenario it will be unable to carry the data overload and many problems like system crash, unresponsive screen, etc. That is the reason why so many of the users assemble the best components on their PC for 3D rendering.


Most of the users already have a little idea about what processor, motherboard, and hard disk to use, but they stuck in deciding which graphic card to use. As there are a lots of visuals that will be used for 3D rendering, so it is important that the card you choose should be able to meet your needs.

Below a few options are advised that are the choice of most of the user when it comes to 3D rendering PC:

  1. AMD “Firepro” Workstation series

AMD is a trusted brand and known to make high-quality, fast gaming processors that are able to stand parallel with the best Intel has to offer. AMD is giving head-to-head competition to NVidia especially when it comes to designing high-level graphic cards. FirePro series of AMD’s brand of graphics cards are designed to use in servers and workstations running professional Computer-aided design (CAD), Digital content creation (DCC), Computer-generated imagery (CGI), and High-performance computing/GPGPU applications.


The GPU chips on FirePro-branded graphics cards and the ones used on Radeon-branded graphics card are identical  and the end products is differentiate substantially by the graphics device drivers that are provided for the two different products and the professional support available for the software. The product line of AMD “Firepro” is split into two categories: “S” server series focused on virtualization and GPGPU/High-performance computing and “W” workstation series focused on workstation and focusing on graphics and display.

  1. “Quadro” by NVidia

Accelerate your entire workflow with “Quadro” by NVidia. The NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY is a true technological breakthrough and it is built on the innovative Fermi architecture and offers 2 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, 256 NVIDIA CUDA parallel processing cores. Quadro is a set of hardware and software and this combination is capable of delivering excellent performance across a broad range of design, video, and animation applications. Using the Quadro 4000 graphics solution, you will be able to design, render and deliver higher quality projects in minimum possible time.


NVIDIA Scalable Geometry Engine™ significantly improves geometry performance across a broad range of CAD, medical applications, and DCC enabling you working interactively on projects that have more complex order of magnitude than ever before.

  1. GE force Titan Black by Nvidia

Although GE force is more popular as a powerful gaming graphics card, but users can use it for 3D rendering. NVidia is of course its manufacturer and has built it powerful enough to handle any game comfortably.


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