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There is a new NUC in town and it is AS Rocks beebox. AS Rock already is well established in the line of motherboards and mini-PCs, but it has now entered the market of the NUC and it is here to leave its mark. There are already many NUCs tackling the market, but the newness of new entrant is something to look out for because of the features being offered by the AS Rock′s beebox.


Beebox is the world’s first NUC with a USB-C port. The addition is not only aimed to meet the increasing demand of the USB ports, but has also made it distinctive in the market where there are already well established NUCs out there. It has got a processor of Intel cherry trail processor, Intel Celeron to be specific which has the capacity of running at 1.04 GHz and can go up to 2.08 GHz if you turn on the turbo mode. It has got a chassis of 0.6L. It is a fan less system for a quieter processing of the NUC. In market there are two versions of the beebox L10 model available, of course with few differences in the features and then there is a whole another model under the category of L6. The features are more or less the same, but the L6 model, unlike the L10 model does not include a processor or a memory storage system. Apart from all these features there are some further benefits in buying this NUC, i.e. its tiny and compact design and its insertion of brackets to help it mount it behind the T.V. or a machine or anything.

The size of the beebox might be small but that does not stop it from performing as well as its larger counterparts if not better in terms of the display to say the least. Well, the two HDMI ports and a display port give this little man the versatility to display across three different screens without any kind of obstruction. And the resolution of the display can be from 2k to 4k for each output. That is saying something.

And not just that it’s 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ Wi-Fi connection helps the NUC to act like an access point. And the additional Bluetooth 4.0 feature in the device helps it to connect to various wireless connections like a mouse or a keyboard or anything else. You also get a remote along with the device just in case you need one when you don’t feel like using the buttons on the device itself or the device is out of reach.

But after all this, the AS Rock added its own little touch by including its software power gear, having three different modes for different uses for example, if you wish to do some gaming on the device, then there is sport mode for you, normal mode can be used when you are in a mood to do some browsing over the internet and the eco mode will be used you want to run some low intensive applications.

And to top it all off, there are also three different colors for you to choose from; white black and gold. And although the release date of the same has not yet been announced but this is one NUC that you should keep your eyes on because of the small and compact design along with the features offered, this is one thing you should definitely have.


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