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You may be using your Apple gear fine, but there are various useful tricks and tips which are tucked away within your device which can enhance your experience with your gadgets. These tricks can make you more productive and allow you to use your handheld device as a multifunctional gadget. Once you know what are they and how to use them, you won’t walk down a hard path either. There are a few tricky things which will help you to make the optimum use of your iPad and iPhone.


So be ready to learn new words, make text the readable, create hacker-proof pass codes, and a lot more with these tricks and learn to use your device like an Apple Master in no time.

Below-Average Battery Life

Poor battery life has been a serious concern from the launch of the first iPhone in year 2007.This is the usual complaint of the user that the battery is a piece of junk. iPhone offers various features and flexibilities like surf, call, chat, etc. but all this can be done for a limited period of time due to low battery life.

There are a few things which make iPhone’s battery less-than-perfect and one of the biggest energy consumer is your screen’s brightness. Dimming the screen brightness can save hours of battery life. Follow these instructions to apply the changes, first go to the Settings >> Display & Brightness. On the Display & Brightness screen, there is an option “Auto-Brightness”, turn it off.

Another battery hogging thing is apps running in the background. Just by pressing the Home button won’t close an app. To make sure that any app isn’t sucking up your battery life, shut it off: To do so, unlock your device and press the Home button twice. Now swipe left to see all of the currently suspended apps. To shut them off, swipe up on the miniature app screen

Super Secure Pass Codes

By default, iPhones allow only a 4-digit number to set as your screen lock. Although you can make 10,000 different pass code combinations with these four digits limitations, but it’s very easy to guess the code who knows you well. It’s very easy to track and remember the keystrokes as there are only four digits.

But there are many iPhone users who don’t know that it’s easy to switch pass code using entire keyboard. With a “letter passcode,” you can create and set a passcode more than four digits, which may be the combination of digits and symbols as well.

Your Helpful Dictionary Tool

It is a tool which is not known by many people. It can help you to expand your vocabulary and improve your word base by easily finding the definition of unknown words on your device display. If you want to know the meaning of any unknown word, you just need to hold your finger on the word to highlight it. After a little pause a horizontal menu will open on the side. Select the option “define” and see the exact dictionary entry pulled to the forefront of your screen.

Plus, you can also download your own dictionary in your preferred language. To add a different dictionary to your iPad, press and hold down on a specific word and tap on the “define” option. In the definition screen, click the option “manage” and choose one language out of 19 available.

Why Must The Text Be So Tiny?

Text reading is not comfortable on every gadget screen. Print may be too tiny to read, and the real problem is with keyboards where fingers seem too fat to tap buttons. Fortunately, with the iPhones, there is an option to bold and large the text. For applying these changes, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and turn on Bold Text and Larger Text. It’s up to you whether you want to apply both changes and one. Just notice that to turn on the bold text option, you have to restart your iPhone or iPad.

There’s one more option also to make text bigger which lets you zoom into anything you see on the screen. To apply this option, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility to turn on the Zoom feature. Now, use three fingers to double tap and now you can zoom in and out up to 500% in any file, folder and application like Mail, Safari and your Home and Lock screens. This will also work with Instagram photos.

Madison is an expert tech writer and work for Computer Repair Service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software. In this article she discusse about iPhone and iPad useful tips and when you have to search iPhone support services. For lateset iPhone updates and alerts keep in touch with her.


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