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If you are here, it is very much possible that you own an Android device and you are facing the battery drainage problem.  Not only you, most of the end-users make complaint that they are not satisfied with their smartphones battery life. Although nearly every smartphone manufacturer is making big claims that they have come up with the product that ensures improved battery life, but still the end-users are complaining that they still struggle to keep the lights on of their smartphone at the end of their working hours.


Every smartphone user is demanding and expect more and more.  Latest smartphones are equipped with the most advanced capabilities like they have octa-core processors, 3/4GB of RAM, better receptors, and compatible to heavy applications and games. Such heavy processors and some background constantly drain the battery of your devices. Therefore, the cumulative effect of all these multitasking capabilities and advanced features, almost nullify improvement that has been made to improve the battery life of the device.

Well, every problem has a solution and it is a sign of relief for the Android users that there are a few battery saver app for android; and the latest OS, that are helpful in extending the battery life. Android Marshmallow comes with Doze that uses motion sensors that will put your phone in power-saving mode but in running state if it is not being used. In power-saving mode, you can get notifications. It is about the Marshmallow, but it is not necessary that your device is compatible with this version of OS.

So, in this case, you need to resort to some hacks that may give you a few hours of more battery juice.

Change the Display Settings                                              

Smartphone display sucks too much battery.


Access the settings of your phone and tap on ‘Display’. From there, adjust the brightness level as per your needs. If you keep brightness level low, the better battery life will be. There is also an option termed as ‘Adaptive Brightness’. If you will turn it on, it will regulate the brightness level of the screen according to the available light. In the dark, brightness will automatically decrease whereas in the sunlight, it will automatically increase.

To turn off the display after the specified inactivity time, set ‘Sleep’ level to minimum possible level so that.

Watch Out All Running Applications

Other than the required applications and services that Android phone uses, there are many applications and services run continuously in the background and drain battery.


To see the list of applications, access the ‘Settings’ and select ‘Apps’. The next screen will display all downloaded applications that are installed in your phone. Tap on ‘Running’ option to see the list of all apps that are running. In that list, you will also find those apps that you are not using, but still they are running in the background.

If there is any application that you do not want to have, uninstall it as this will save significant battery life.

Uninstall Unwanted and Useless Apps


Go to the “Settings” and select “Apps”. There in ‘Downloaded’ section, you can see the list of installed application. Select the application that you don’t want to keep any longer and tap on the uninstall option. Using the limited handful apps will save your battery from draining.

Turn Off Unused Services Using Notification Panel


Open the notification panel and turn off all the idle services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Internet connection. Why to keep them on if you are not using them because it also consumes battery quickly.

Close Launched Applications


If you launch any app and tap on Home button, it doesn’t close the app actually. Launched app will keep on running in background. Press ‘Recents’ (third button from the left) to close all the apps and remove all running apps.

Block Push Notifications


Push notifications are the updates that any application send to its users. It may be about any update or feature that the application may have included. Therefore, push notifications are just the way to send the updated. If you don’t want that any app keep on running in the background and sending you the notifications until you open it manually, choose to block push notifications. This will help you out in limiting the app from working in background and consuming battery.

To apply this, go to settings and tap on ‘Sound & notification’, then choose ‘App notification’ and turn on ‘Block’.

Keep the Use of ‘Big Battery Drainers’ to Minimum


Playing the heavy games or running the heavy applications are the resources that drain the battery. If you are fond of using heavy applications and playing games, get a light-weight portable power bank with you for your phone.

These 7 simple hacks can help with the excessive drainage of the battery and may be helpful in giving you at least 4 to 5 hours of extra battery life without compromising on productivity.

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