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Earlier, when there were no means to communicate other than cabling technologies, it seemed tough to share your wired Internet connection with others through your PC. It created the need of capable WiFi hotspot software set up connection and communication. Thankfully, Connectify  is a Wi-Fi hotspot software for Windows, which is much more than just a simple internet sharing software. Apart from doing its intended function flawlessly and securely, it also brings so many advanced features like File sharing, Bridge, Dispatch, etc. which are rare to find in its competitors. But like every other software or tool, it also shows some problems which compel to look for an alternative.


Connectify is undoubtedly one of the best and very feature rich software, but there are a few issues. Connectify’s free “Lite” version has very limited features and its paid versions might be a bit steep for some. And sometimes it can be little complicated to use at times because of so many in-built features into it. There’s no match for Connectify in case you want advanced features, but if you want simple WiFi hotspot software, some of the great Connectify alternatives for Windows are explained below. All the alternatives are listed due to their simplicity and convenience of use.

OSToto Hotspot


OSToto Hotspot is a free and popular (its older name is 160WiFi) hotspot software program. Although its name has changed, but now as well, it’s great WiFi hotspot software. It has a simple interface, and you can start your WiFi hotspot with just a single click. The application shares a secure internet connection, because it uses standard WPA2 PSK password security. It includes various features like ability to blacklist devices, set the hotspot turn off time, let hotspot run even when you hibernate the PC and much more. You can download it free here are no ads either. It’s compatible with Windows XP/Vista/8/8.1/7

LionScripts WiFi Hotspot Creator


It is a very simple WiFi hotspot enabling software and available in two versions. Its free version comes with ads and other is a paid version without ads. It’s a pretty simple program with only options to configure the name and password of the WiFi hotspot and also there are options to start hotspot with or without opening the software. It’s compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista and XP.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot


Baidu WiFi Hotspot software is also a great alternative of Connectify, and it has a great combination of simple and advanced features. The good thing about Baidu WiFi Hotspot is that, unlike Connectify, its advanced features never hinder the experience here. This application does not allow you to share your internet connection quickly, but also lets you send and receive files from a device which are connected to the WiFi hotspot, which is a pretty handy feature. It’s fast and smooth application which is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.



It’s one of the oldest WiFi hotspot software around and still it’s a great application. It comes with a lot of handy features and does share your internet with ease. The software program allows you to share your Internet with anyone or block any user’s access. It also allows you to block features like file sharing over WiFi that might eat up your bandwidth. It also has a URL logging feature, which logs all the websites visited from your WiFi hotspot (as the name suggests) It’s free to use and compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Server 2008.

Virtual Router Plus (Free)


It’s very popular WiFi hotspot software for quite a while now and it does its job nicely. It is the simplest WiFi hotspot application and has no additional features and not really a bad if you only want the WiFi hotspot feature. It allows you to configure the name and password of the hotspot and start or stop it. It’s a nice option for those who only want a stable WiFi hotspot software. It’s a free tool and works comfortably with Windows 10/8/7.

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