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Many technology users are increasingly reporting that their machines are slow performing and a sluggish computer is the cause of their frustration. Though most users think very little about this particular aspect, but the underlying cause of sluggishness depends on each individual machine and how one is using and maintaining it.

Your computer seems unable to perform up to your expectations and making your experience rather displeasing whether you are streaming online videos, using a pho editing tool, doing office work or doing something else on it. There may be some causes of sluggish performance of your computer and four most common out of them are listed below:

Virus or Malware Infection

A virus or malware infection is another very common cause of computer sluggishness. Many malicious software can accidentally get into your machine when you download and install other programs or access hacked web pages, while installing add-ons to your web browser, and when you complete online forms. Use an antivirus or anti-malware program to find and remove a malware which is ruining your computer’s performance.

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Running Too Many Programs at the Same Time

It is not uncommon among computer users to download and use different programs and applications, but if you run too many programs simultaneously, it will cause your computer to perform slowly, or freeze for a few seconds before unfreezing it or even make it unresponsive at times. Make sure that to prevent this from happening, avoid downloading web browser helpers and those software programs which claim to speed up your computer’s performance or Internet connection. Make sure that you use only one antivirus application and uninstall those applications that you don’t use anymore because closing those apps that you are not actively using and removing unnecessary programs will definitely help in increasing the processing speed of your computer.

Hardly Meeting Minimum Software Requirements

To ensure that software programs are working at their maximum potential, most software programs have minimum requirements that need to be surpassed. If your computer’s specifications (operating system, processor speed, memory, and hard drive space) hardly meet the minimum system requirements required for these software programs to work, there are fair chances that your computer will perform sluggish. To surpass minimum software system requirements, it is important to update your computer’s hardware.

Running Out of Disk Space

If you are using an old machine and you run resource hogging applications on it, chances are high that you will run out of disk space. If this is the case, it is a common cause of a slow performance of computer. If the hard drives are filled up, your computing machine can’t manipulate files anymore, which will ultimately slow down its performance drastically hence making it completely unusable. If your machine shows you alerts which state that you are running out of disk space, the only solution you have is move some of the files that you don’t use too often to an external hard drive. Deleting temporary files as well as files you do not need anymore. Perform regular disk cleanups to release some disk space.

There are countless reasons of sluggish performance of your machines and most of them are rooted in poor computer maintenance routines followed by users. Storing useless documents and files, accidentally installing a virus or malware, and running too many applications at a time are just some of the most common reasons which may be responsible for slow performance of your PC. Users need to adopt counter measures including reinstalling their operating systems every six months, performing regular reboots to ensure that their PC run at optimum speed.

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