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Android devices have become an integral part of our life. With the new advancements they are getting smarter day-by-day. Regularly improving technology has changed the way people interact with their gadgets like computers, laptops, smartphone, tablets, etc. Although with every new version they are becoming safer from the malware attacks however they are not completely secure. Since we use all of them in multiple ways like these all devices can be used as the greatest source to extract the information from the web, medium of immense entertainment, storage machine to save the huge amount of data and lot more. What they can’t do? They can do almost everything. It is a good choice to provide the protection of an antivirus as apart from basic security it offers some additional features.

Below a few of suggestions are given over the security aspect of them which are the best antivirus apps of the industry:

360 Security

360 Security

As you unfold the name, you will get the idea of the 360 security – means overall protection. It contains multiple features under the hood and a great for the purpose it is intended for. Its antivirus engine is empowered by various features like junk file cleaner, power saver, 360 QVS, anti-theft, cloud engines, memory booster, app manager, etc. The good for you is that this feature laden app is available for free.



Avast is very reliable as well as successful anti-virus option without any doubt. It is available in two modes free and paid. To unlock the full featured version you need to go for the paid one and to get the idea about the performance try the free version of the program first. It is equipped with security tools such as virus scanners, protector, detector, remover and more. It scans all the software installed on the go and storage space while installing anything new. Along with that, it also has the features like a signal strength booster, app locker, SMS and call filter, web shield, backup, etc. For rooted users, it also includes the firewall features in the package. For basic features download the free one and to enjoy the premium features buy the subscription accordingly.



Like all other security programs AVG also bring a long list of features which are important and oblivious for your device. This freeware involves features like anti-malware, anti-theft, anti-virus and anti-phishing. It not only detects virus, but also check your device’s setting for any potential threat. In monthly and yearly subscription you can avail its premium features like SIM locking, app back up and app locking.



It is a complication free security program which doesn’t create complications on the device. It just simply does its job of providing the tight shielded safety in case of any threat. It does its job quite well and scans all the new files before installing them. It’s a good tool for virus scanning and detection, which also improves the speed of your device. And in case you want to upgrade the program with more advance features you can have paid version, otherwise its free version is good enough for basic features.

CM Security

CM Security

CM security is very popular among the users and rated as the best performance app for the smart gadgets. It is based on the great security algorithm and architecture which is powered by local and cloud engines. With this software you will experience a different kind of experience as far as safety is concerned. It brings amazing deals like locking apps, scanning all files and apps, extracting the infections from the device, call filtering and blocker, performance enhancer and etc. The very likable thing about it is that it is free for Android phones on the play store.



ESET is an app with a great rate of virus detection. It performs the scanning function according to the demand and let the user decide for the mode of the scan. And its paid version also includes the premium features of a security program.



Along with the good Internet security feature it also includes anti-theft security. Earlier it was developed for providing protection to the PCs, but now it’s available for smart phones also. Its best traits are anti-virus, anti-theft, anti-phishing, cloud based protection and more.



You may be familiar with this name if you are a smart phone user. It comes as a pre installed program on lots of the smart phones and each one of us want such kind of applications installed on our device which can keep them remain free from Bloatware. In its basic version it is available for free, but to get the premium features (which includes privacy advisor, remote locking, theft alerts, privacy advisor, etc.) you need to make the payment according to the subscription type.



With the great anti-malware technology, it is the same kind of software of the category which detects and removes malware. It detects those programs which try to use malicious coding in order to access your personal information, alerts on infected links in the SMS, etc. It is a worth to try the app and available as free utility completely.



TrustGo is antivirus software of same type discussed above. It is available on the play store and rated as very popular because of its performance. It includes a few of the unique features in its list like camera thief ID (it will click the image of the intruder trying to access your data of the phone), secure browsing which is the features of the stock browser on the Android only along with all common and the usual ones of an antivirus. Isn’t it amazing?

Above some best security suites are discussed with their functions for your smart devices. They will help you out to stay protected from the virus, malware, identity theft, etc. Although they are very easy to install, however, in case of any technical problem regarding them you can ask for the experts help.


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