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Technical Support for Windows 7 Operating System

Windows 7 is the product of Microsoft, which is an operating system for PC and laptops. It’s the operating system which allows you to manage other software applications and perform necessary tasks. It can also be considered as a GUI which allows interacting with the users in a logical and easy manner. It’s a secure and stable OS, which and its unique features make it the choice of a large number of users. Below few features of Windows 7 are discussed and if you’re experiencing any complexity to use it or feeling that your OS is not working according to its potential connect to the Microsoft verified experts of PCTECH24.

Features of Windows 7:

HomeGroup: This feature allows you to share your files or print your documents on a home network.

Windows Search: Whatever data is stored on your device can be searched by typing the concerned keyword in the search bar of Windows. If your keyword doesn’t match with any file, folder or document, it’ll show no results.

Windows Essentials: Windows essentials are suite of software programs in one free download.

Windows Taskbar: Windows 7 taskbar is available with better display format, allows you to preview thumbnails with better display quality and gives you multiple ways to customize its display.

Snap: This feature gives you flexibility to expand or compress open windows, drag them anywhere on the display screen, and automatically resize them.

Jump Lists: This feature allows quick access to your favorite folders, music, documents, photos, audios, and websites.

Performance Improvements: Windows 7 gives speedy response when you resume your Windows or keeping it in sleep mode, and detects USB devices quickly.

Complete 64-bit support: This OS makes the most out of 64-bit PCs.

More Personal
It allows you to customize your desktop, redecorate it with new wallpapers, themes, handy gadgets, and slide shows.

Windows Touch Interface: On your touch screen devices, you can input your commands without using mouse or keyboard.

Remote Media Streaming: This feature allows listening audios and watching videos when you’re away from home or not near to the system.

Play to: You can play your media on other systems, TVs and stereos around the home.

These are features which make Windows 7 productive and effective and as a user if you’re not able to access any of its features, seek the help of certified engineers of PCTECH24 to resolve issues.

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