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Technical Support for Data Recovery

Data Recovery is a process of retrieving lost, corrupted, inaccessible or damaged data. The physical storage media, whether external or internal, may get damaged due to various reasons and as a result you lost the access of your crucial information and documents. Then the need of data recovery arises for accidentally deleted files, operating system failure, virus attack, etc. PCTECH24 provides tech support for Windows, and Linux data recovery for the following.

Photos, Audios and Videos Recovery
PCTECH team is completely understands the need of restoring lost data, damage files and corrupted folders. Most of the computing devices remain prone to risk o may lose the access of your photos, audios, videos and other type of data. So our technicians provide help to recover all types of data files like PDF, Word documents, media files like audios, videos, images, etc.

Windows Data Recovery
We offer the recovery services for all major OS like Windows7/8/X/Vista, Mac and Linux. We can help the users to retrieve data from external and internal recoverable hard drive types. Our data recovery services are available for various types of storage media like memory card, pen drives, CDs and DVDs, etc.

MAC Data Recovery
PCTECH24 is your one stop to restore or retrieve data from various recoverable hard drive types and storage media. With our experts help, you can recover a huge volume of data irrespective its type or format. Our technicians can also help you to recover the lost data of Windows or Linux on Mac or vice-versa.

Linux Data Recovery
To get back your important data on Linux OS, our verified experts provide their complete support services, day and night. They help all the Linux users to recover and restore their lost, damaged or corrupted data files and folders. At PCTECH24, experienced technicians use easy-to-understand approach to solve your data recovery problems conveniently on Linux OS.

Scope of Services

Just relax while our expert tech support team for data recovery resolves all relevant issues:

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Support for Server Recovery

Support for Raid Recovery

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